U.S. V. EC-Biotech Products

By- Anjanee Goel[1] U.S. V. EC-BIOTECH PRODUCTS CASE[2] Complainant- United States                                 Respondent- European Communities The United States requested discussions with the EC concerning certain steps taken by the EC and its member nations influencing imports of agrarian and food imports from the United States. With respect to EC-level measures, the United States claimed that theContinue reading “U.S. V. EC-Biotech Products”

Health Measures Under The Factories Act 1948

By- Anjanee Goel[1] The Act makes a point by point provisions as to different issues identifying with health, security, and welfare assistance provisions. Sections 11 to 20 in Chapter III of the Factories Act, 1948 explain the provisions identifying with the health of the laborers in a production line. Section 11 of the act describesContinue reading “Health Measures Under The Factories Act 1948”

Criminalization of Marital Rape in India: A Desirable Dream

By: Ishita Pancholi “I say nothing, not one word, from beginning to end and neither does he, if it were lawful for a woman to hate her husband I would hate him as a rapist.” – Philippa Gregory, the Red queen. Male is considered as a sensible human being in our patriarchal society who alwaysContinue reading “Criminalization of Marital Rape in India: A Desirable Dream”

Social Media Abuse: A Bane for Youth

By- Anjanee Goel An offense may be said to be any behavior gotten along by act or omission is forbidden by law and significant infringement of which is visited by the penal penalty. The increasing attain of computers and the internet has made it much easier for the populace to keep in contact from cornerContinue reading “Social Media Abuse: A Bane for Youth”

Did COVID-19 bring a knock to our Environmental Laws?

By- Muskaan Singh The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a huge impact on one and all be it, common migrants, from different states to huge industries running the economy of our country; but one and all Coronavirus has impacted one and all! Although, the major concerns include; the movement of migrants, lower economy, and people beingContinue reading “Did COVID-19 bring a knock to our Environmental Laws?”

Sabarimala Temple Case: Pillar of Indian Judicial System

By-Aaditya Sinha History of the Sabarimala case: Sabarimala is a sanctuary complex situated in the province of Kerala. The sanctuary is exceptionally popular for the love of Lord Ayyapa. Despite the fact that the sanctuary was extremely acclaimed and antiquated it arrived in certain debates in the mid-90s. Everything began when there was a requestContinue reading “Sabarimala Temple Case: Pillar of Indian Judicial System”

Eastern Book Company and Ors. V. D. B. Modak and Anr.

By- Anjanee Goel Case: EASTERN BOOK COMPANY & ORS V. D. B. MODAK & ANR[1] The Eastern Book Company and the Eastern Publishers, plaintiffs in the present case, publish case briefs by the name of “Supreme court cases” comprising of the same. They did some paragraphing, formatting, etc. in such a way to make itContinue reading “Eastern Book Company and Ors. V. D. B. Modak and Anr.”

The Importance Of Incorporating The 9th Schedule In The Constitution

By: Ishita Pancholi Certain Focuses Article 31-B of the Constitution of India guaranteed that any law in the Ninth Schedule couldn’t be tested in courts and the Government can justify its program of social designing by transforming land and agrarian laws. The impressive force was given to governing body under Article 31-B and then againContinue reading “The Importance Of Incorporating The 9th Schedule In The Constitution”

Administration of Justice: Feminist Jurisprudence

By: Aaditya Sinha This project is about the administration of justice and we all know justice is a kind of word that we listen to every day and if we want to live peacefully in this society we have to check that if justice prevails or not. It should be noted that justice is notContinue reading “Administration of Justice: Feminist Jurisprudence”