Cybercrime And The Darknet

By- Tanmay Jain


With the society moving forward, or day to day lives are being affected by our daily needs and the use of smartphones and the internet is now among our basic daily needs. The use of the internet is now in almost every part of the world and we can gather any information by just surfing over the internet on our phone. The technology has been developing rapidly. But as we say, a coin has two sides or we can mention that everything has a boon and bane, the same goes in the case of the Internet.

So, the internet has relaxed us in helping us with many aspects and the developing technology has helped in the trade of illicit goods as well. Nowadays, if any person wants to buy another person’s private data, it is quite easy to get. Private data and various other data are available on the twin web far away from normal internet surfing, which is called the Dark Web. The Dark Web, the Deep web and the Darknet are the different things and these can also be stated as the hidden or invisible web.

The information available over there cannot be accessed to us using our normal world wide web. There must be certain specifications that require to access the dark web, or the deep web and the darknet. The main purpose of the dark web is to continue the illegal activities while keeping everything anonymous. That’s one of the main reasons for the increase in cybercrimes. Cybercrimes are increasing as the criminals are using the darknet and due to this, it is not easy to catch the criminals.

What is Cybercrime?

Cybercrime is carried out when a computer is the object of wrongdoing or, a computer is used as a tool to do the wrongdoing. Cybercrime is unapproved access to a person’s computer without the permission of the proprietor of that computer and, spot a criminal behavior or to sell or purchase any person’s very private data or to do the exchange of illegal merchandise. Digital Crime is a wide term for any criminal behavior which is going on through computer or in computer.

Category of Cybercrime

Cybercrime can be categorized into 4 categories:-

  • A crime committed against a Person- In this; the wrongdoing is done against a particular individual using an electronic domain, by leaking the personal data of the individual online. Some examples of this are cyberstalking, child pornography, hacking, etc.
  • A crime committed against Government- This is a not so common but the most serious cybercrime, also known as cyber terrorism. This crime is committed by hacking government websites and leaking the government’s official data. These activities are carried out by the terrorists or the enemy governments of other nations.
  • Crime committed against Property- In this; the property here does not refer to immovable property, but property like intellectual property, computers etc. In this a hacker steals the individuals bank details to make money transfers, online purchases, etc. or run scams to involve people to provide there bank details.
  • Crime against Society- When the crime is committed against a number of individuals. For example, online gambling, cyber trafficking, etc.

Kinds of Cybercrime

  • Hacking-Unauthorized access infers such an entrance without the assent of both of the real or individually liable for the computer, computer structure or computer organize. Hacking suggests an unlawful interference into a computer system or conceivably sorts out. Every exhibition submitted towards breaking into a computer just as a framework is hacking. Software engineers make or use moment computer ventures to ambush the goal computer.

They have the aching to destruct and they get the kick out of such annihilation. A couple of software engineers hack for individual financial augmentations, for instance, to taking the charge card information, moving money from various records to their own record followed by withdrawal of money. Government destinations are the most centered on regions for the software engineers.

  • Web Hijacking- In this, the programmer assumes responsibility for the site of someone else and the legitimate proprietor doesn’t have ownership of his website any longer.
  • Dissemination of Obscene Material- It incorporates the circulation of disgusting materials and explicit substance over online networking. It incorporates such sites which help in programming the people.
  • Child Pornography- The Internet is in effect profoundly utilized as a medium to explicitly manhandle youngsters. The youths are a practical setback to the cybercrime. Computers and web have become a need of every family; the children have basic access to the web. There is basic access to the disgusting substance on the web.

Pedophiles draw the children by coursing indecent material and a short time later they endeavor to meet them for sex or to take their stripped photographs recollecting their dedication for sexual positions. A portion of the time Pedophiles contact kids in the visit rooms acting like youngsters or a posterity of similar age and a while later they start getting increasingly obliging with them and win their conviction. By then bit by bit pedophiles start sexual visits to help kids with shedding their preventions about sex and thereafter get them out for singular association.

By then starts genuine maltreatment of the youths by offering them some money or mistakenly reassuring them incredible open entryways for the duration of regular day to day existence. The pedophiles then unequivocally misuse the adolescents either by using them as sexual articles or by taking their foul pictures in order to sell those over the web.

  • Cyber Stalking such a cybercrime incorporates internet baiting where the client is presented to and a lot of online messages and sends. Regularly cyberstalkers use web-based systems administration, destinations, and web lists to frighten a customer and instill fear. Generally, the cyberstalker knows their setback and makes the individual feel uneasy or stressed for their security kids either by using them as sexual articles or by taking their unequivocal pictures in order to sell those over the web.
  • Denial of Service Attack- These are used to make an online help out of reach and bring the framework someplace around overwhelming the site with traffic from a variety of sources. Colossal frameworks of polluted devices known as Botnets are made by putting away malware on customers’ computers. The software engineer then hacks into the structure once the framework is down.
  • Sale of unlawful articles- Sale of different illicit articles and different illicit activities happens over the darknet. These exercises occur namelessly abandoning no-follow. The exercises that incorporate, the forging of the cash illicit exchange of merchandise, counterfeit travel papers, executing contracts, and so forth.

Cyber Laws to deal with Cyber Crime

When there are crimes, the laws are enacted for that. In this case, for cybercrimes the Information Technology Act, 2000 was enacted. The IT act has defined various punishments for the cybercrimes which are happening in our day to day lives. Other than IT Act, there are other laws which have special provision for some cyber crimes as in IPC; there are certain sections, in NDPS act and in Arms act.

So, the provisions under IT Act, 2000 deals with interfere illegally with the document in the computer (u/s.65), hacking and stealing the data (u/s 66), producing indecent information (u/s 67), and illegal access to someone’s protected database (u/s 70), breaking the system and privacy (u/s 72), producing forged signatures (u/s 73).

Whereas some special provisions are in IPC as well as in penal laws, one can be punished for sending intimidating mails (u/s 503), destroying someone’s reputation through mails (u/s 499), counterfeiting of digital records (u/s 463), and various online frauds (u/s 420), and under the special laws, a person selling drugs online can be booked and punished under the NDPS Act, and the illegal trade of arms and ammunition, one can be booked and punished under the Arms Act.


With the expanding number of cybercrimes, the digital lawbreakers are utilizing darknet to stay mysterious or to shroud their characters. Darknet is an encoded piece of the web that can’t be followed, which is the reason the greater part of the unlawful and illegal exchange happens over yonder, for example, the exchange of weapons, drugs, and so forth.

For the acquisition of things in Darknet the Bitcoins are being utilized as they can’t be followed. Along these lines, the darknet is one the most remarkable weapon for carrying out cybercrime. In this way, there must be manners by which we can adapt up to cybercrime as it is expanding with the utilization of the Internet in our everyday life.

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