Vuukle was founded by Ravi Mittal in 2012 in Silicon Valley with a vision to improve the way publishers capture good quality user-generated content and fundamentally rethink the technology stack.

The idea behind Vuukle’s news publishing platform is to deliver speed and a beautiful UI that allows anyone to become an author. One can simply start by publishing content on our platform without having to worry about any initial costs or the technology to be used on the page. 

Vuukle offers free in-house technologies to new authors like AI-filtered comments, sharebars, Emoji reactions that are super effective at generating user engagement and also takes care of the monetization for your content.  

Today, Vuukle serves 2000+ publishers globally and therefore, with Vuukle you as an author have a better chance at getting a global audience to view your content.  

Ravi Mittal is a graduate from Imperial college, London. After graduating from Imperial College, Ravi joined Goldman Sachs as a technology analyst and after working for about a year at Goldman he realised his passion lied in creating better technology for publishers especially in the user generated content space.

He founded Vuukle in 2012 and today Vuukle is a global brand with a presence in several countries serving more than 2000+ publishers.