We are a combination of law enthusiasts from all over India who are working day in and day out to establish a platform for our fellow law scholars and enthusiasts.

Diksha Gupta: The Pole star

Diksha is a student of University of Petroleum and Energy Studies (Dehradun) pursuing her BBA LL.B. She is the talented Co- Founder of The Legisprudence. She has gained her experience of 4 years working through esteemed law firms such as Lakshmi Kumaran & Siridharan, Bharucha & Partners, Vaish associates and so on.

Highly optimistic and skilled, Diksha confidently believes  that every achievement starts with a decision to try and the confidence to act. She strongly believes that one is much more capable than they know.

Email me: diksha.legisprudence@gmail.com

ANJANEE GOEL: The Problem solver

Anjanee is a final year law student at University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun and is pursuing BBA LL.B. (Hons.). She is the co-founder of The Legisprudence. She has a strong academic background and has gained practical experience of around 4 years by interning with firms like SNG & Partners, Law Offices of India and the legal department of The Kellog Company.

Her interests include International Law, Intellectual property rights, and principles of Competition law. She believes that hard work always pays off and that the added success, energy, or power gained by an organization working together, always accords superior results.

Email me: anjanee.legisprudence@gmail.com

ISHITA PANCHOLI: The Growth driver

Ishita is a third year student of B.Com. LLB with specialization in Taxation laws from school of law UPES, Dehradun. She likes to research in emerging areas of law mainly in women and human rights and is passionate about increasing her potential and expertise in the field of law. She believes everyone has some inner qualities in them; the only thing is that one should find the opportunity and come forward.

Email me: ishita.legisprudence@gmail.com

TANYA GUPTA: The Lead helping hand

Tanya is currently pursuing BCOM.LLB with a specialization in Taxation Law from UPES University, Dehradun. She has an interest in debating, mooting, blogging, and editing, working in the criminal field to research about any recent criminal cases. Tanya works in an NGO for the needy ones. Apart from this, she like traveling, sports, reading and is an animal lover. She believes as a lawyer “success doesn’t count unless you earn it fair and square”.

Email me: tanya.legisprudence@gmail.com

Muskaan Singh: The Unmatched dedicator

Muskaan is a third year student of UPES Dehradun pursuing BA LLB. Muskaan is a happy-go-lucky person, just as her name suggests! With her name she is a dedicated, hardworking and an all rounder. She always tries to update and upgrade herself by participating in moot courts, MUNs, publishing her papers and reading books. Muskaan is really fascinated by law areas such as energy law and environmental law. She is an optimistic person and always takes her tasks in a positive stride.

Email me: muskaan.legisprudence@gmail.com

ABHISHEK ROHATGI: The Quality enforcer

Abhishek is a 4th year law student at Amity Law School, Noida. He loves to think out of the box and critically analyses situations around him. He makes sure to look at the subject from different tangents when forming any opinion. Having done his internships in the best PSUs of India (like: ONGC) he has formed a strong legal acumen over the years. His key interest areas are– Constitutional Law, Policy evaluation and Cross Border comparative studies. He also loves to keep himself abreast with latest current affairs and key international happenings.

Email me: abhishek.legisprudence@gmail.com

Aayushi Mehta: The Engagement champion

Aayushi is a final year student of B.Com LL.B (Hons.)  with specialization in Taxation Laws, at the University of Petroleum and Energy Studies, Dehradun. Her areas of expertise include Taxation Laws. She has a keen interest in legal research and legal writing. She has also written papers and has interned with Lanka IOC PLC, Colombo, Sri Lanka, D.C. Aggarwal and Co., New Delhi etc to broaden her area knowledge.

Email me: aayushi.legisprudence@gmail.com

Gaargi Tomar: The Ultimate Contributor

Gaargi is currently pursuing Bachelors in law from School of Law, UPES Dehradun, and has gained practical experience of law through internships in various law firms and courts like Karkardooma court, Delhi; Tax n legal partners, Noida etc. She believes in hard work and determination to be successful.

Email me: gaargi.legisprudence@gmail.com

AADITYA SINHA: The Mountain mover

Aaditya is doing his graduation in Btech LLB. He has a keen interest in constitutional law, jurisprudence and the philosophy of law. He has although not done any professional internship in law but has a keen interest in writing about law and its philosophical aspect.

His hobbies are writing stories, watching films, and then thinking and analyzing the characters from films.

Email me: aaditya.legisprudence@gmail.com

Ashmita Jain: The Ace employee

Ashmita is currently pursuing bachelors in law from School of Law, UPES Dehradun, and has gained practical experience of law through internships in various law firms and courts like Justitia law firm, district court and Supreme Court. Ashmita believes in hard work and determination to be successful.

Email me: ashmita.legisprudence@gmail.com

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